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Remove the pictures, clocks, and anything else you have hanging on your walls. You can leave the nails in place, if you are putting
everything back in the same place. Otherwise, remove the nails and we will fill the holes with putty. We clean the surface on very dirty
or greasy areas such as cooking, use trisodium phosphate to quickly remove dirt and debris. Remove switch plates, covers and light
fixtures. Replace the screws, so it does not disappear. Mask the trim, windows, doors and furniture, which can not be removed. Blue
painters tape to get the board clean and does not leave glue on the back.

Room Preparation

The color of the paint may just be the most Difficult part of your house painting project for you, but is far from the only step (or even
more important!). Prepare the surface of the painting often takes, in fact, the preparation of interior painting project can be as high
as 50% of the project!

Getting Started

Preparing All rooms, many of the basic skills needed are the same regardless of the conditions for the room is a space should be as
empty as possible, this saves a lot of cleaning at the end. We move the furniture as much possible. If some major problems remains,
We will move to the  furniture center of the room and cover with a canvas drop or use a lightweight plastic, the floor, our covered as
well. Paint has way to find their way into areas not covered, no matter how carefully you think. And better safe than sorry!

Interior Paint Preparation

Repair and Prime the second part of the preparation of the paint inside it is time to examine all the walls and ceilings with paint
problems such as defects of stains, holes, cracks, peeling, and more. Interior paint offers the ideal preparation for the paint to finish
the background. Stains, water, rust or mildew stains are indicative of bigger problems We remove any mold or mildew, so the area
inside the stain-killing primer. For stubborn stains, such as nicotine, smoke, a permanent marker or makeup, you may need two
coats of primer to limit the damage to show through the new paint.  Peeling paint must be scraped or sanded before the project can
continue. This is common in older homes, it is important that if your home was built before 1978, the practice of safe lead paint;.
Patch holes in drywall imperfections can be sealed with putty, but for large openings, a plaster patch may be necessary.
We repair cracks and dents small lightweight Spackle, let dry and sand smooth. Check for stains, if they can not be removed with a  
light cleaning, then the area of the stain should be blocked with primer like Kilz. If you're painting a light color on a darker, you might
want to prime the whole wall at this point.  Surface imperfections will show through the new paint and make it even less sustainable
with poor preparation.

Finding the Right House Painters

Most of the time the best way to find a good contractor is to ask around. Word of mouth advertising from satisfied customers
successful, and you can learn a lot about a painter from his past clients! Of course, customers also do not be shy to tell you to stay
away, if you feel keep hearing horror stories of the same company. It is the contractor to do quality work? Your definition of quality
and your friend may vary. Ask if you can look at the finished painting. Check the cut in the areas of windows, doors and finishes.
Were all lines are straight? Proper preparation and attention to detail are important elements of a  job good-looking and long lasting.
Is the painting contractor to protect the coating or areas? The exterior paint, a good painting contractor to cover with concrete, roofs,
fences and plants. Inside, furniture and floors should be well protected from splashes of paint. It is important to find a contractor you
are communicating with and comfortable around. A courtesy are the hallmarks of professionalism and will save you unnecessary
stress. Also a painter who is passionate about his work is more likely to do good work as that is burned, and just there for the
paycheck. Start working (and end) of the time? Good contractors will let you know their schedule in advance, and do their best to
stay with her. Find a painter who arrive in a reasonable time each morning. Remember that the exterior paint job may be affected by
the weather with a storm of rain or bad unseasonably cold against the contractor! Is not this a warranty included? Not a guarantee of
no value unless it is written and spread over a reasonable period of three years is acceptable. Any restriction or exclusion must be
explicitly specified in the warranty policy. Repairing drywall or raw wood is necessary before painting. Whatever your situation, be
sure to use high quality materials and do not be afraid to take your time with the prep work. After all, he does well will save you time
and hassle in the long term and produce more impressive results!
 Plainfield, Naperville, Shorewood, Joliet, Romeoville, Bolingbrook
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