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You will surely need professional house painters to get the painting job for you. With the existence of copious painters as well as
firms offering their services, here are some of the attributes that you should keep an eye for, to ensure that you will employ the
professionals. Painters to confirm their professionalism, make certain to hire painters that it is highly recommended to employ
painters that have comprehensive and impressive portfolio. Apart from this, recent recommendations and references can be your
tool to verify the quality of their previous painting works. Free estimates, professional commercial painters can give free estimates for
your planned project. Subsequently, you can utilize these estimates to canvass for the most price-competitive painters in your area.
Extensive Painting Methods. Given today’s technology, make sure to employ painters that apply the latest tools and methodologies in
their painting projects. Furthermore, feel free to throw them queries if you can’t understand some of their terminologies and
abbreviations to ensure that both of you are talking the same topic.

We provide all residential, commercial interior, exterior, home painting services to Lisle, Illinois. Lakewood Painters offers free in-
home estimates and consulting for all your house painting needs, and can arrange to have an experienced decorator guide you
through the many color choices available. Lakewood Painters, serves all Lisle, IL for home, office property management, town home,
community association, offices both interior and exterior. All work is performed  and estimates are given by a real professional.  The
reputation of Lakewood home painting is most unique with their impressive list of repeat  residential and commercial customers.  We
would love to add your name to our list! Call 630-939-6000 or send email
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Qualities of Reliable House Painters
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Our painters typically do the following: Put up scaffolding and set up ladders Cover floors and furniture with drop cloths and tarps to
protect surfaces. Remove fixtures such as picture, door knobs, or electric switch covers. Fill holes and cracks with putty, plaster or
other compounds. Prepare surfaces by scraping, wire brushing, or sanding to a smooth finish. Calculate the area to be painted and
the amount of paint needed. Apply primers or sealers so that the paint will adhere Choose paints and stains for desired color and
appearance. Apply paint or other finishes, using hand brushes, rollers, or sprayers.

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