Need a Lakewood House Painters for the Day Call 630-939-6000
$350.00 Painter for a Day Includes:
A professionally trained Lakewood House Painters professional
A fully-equipped Lakewood Painting work vehicle with all necessary equipment needed
8 hours of quality painting so you can get those small to medium size projects done right
Our Lakewood House Painters for a Day can :

Drywall Repairs
Paint a Bedroom or Bath Room
Paint Kitchen or Family Room
Paint Foyer Staircase or Hallways
Touch up your Baseboards & Trim
Paint sun exposed exterior trim
Power-Wash your Exterior & Deck
Anti Mildew treatment wood trim
Scraping of all peeled and loose paint
Power or hand sanding for smooth surfaces
Caulking hair cracks and stationary seams
Fixing window glazing and putty
Sanding after priming and between each coat
Patching cracks, damaged, or uneven areas
Priming new, raw and exposed wooden parts
Masking all windows, lighting and needed areas
Stripping or removing wallpaper, wall washing
Hand brush work on every corner
Our goal is you customers satisfaction
Written guarantee on all work as requested
and much more call 630-939-6000 Today!!!
Lakewood Painters Inc
House Painters for the Day
Regular maintenance as well as interior and exterior painting can help keep the condition of a building or home in top shape. While some
home owners engage in various do it yourself home projects, it would still be to your advantage to hire  house painting contractors because of
the high quality of end results that they are able to produce.

Painting the interior of the home requires a specialized skill, thorough knowledge as well as a significant degree of experience. Often times,
home improvement and do it yourself articles in magazines give out incorrect impressions on the amount of work that is involved in taking on a
project. This results in homeowners taking on the job without all the proper information or the necessary preparations. Prior to painting, the
surface needs to be cleaned and prepared. This bit of information is often overlooked in DIY articles. Professional house painters however have
sufficient knowledge with regards to these things. They do more than just immediately apply additional coats of paint. They do all the necessary
preparations before starting the regular paint job. If repairs need to be done, an expert painter will see to this in order to avoid rotting and the
growth of molds. This will considerably add more years of life to the building.

There are many house painting contractors. Choosing just the right one ensures that your home receives the best service with affordable rates.
Put time into researching to make sure that your painting needs are placed in the hands of professional experts.
Rita -  Lisle IL 60532

"Lakewood House Painters for a Day." They recommended a new all in one primer and paint combined. I checked Consumer Reports Lakewood
Painters came out for touch-up the outside, scraping, painting and caulking on the exterior trim of our house. Mike called it and found that it is
highly rated. That meant that less labor was needed to do the job. He also recommended a paint with some sheen to it as it lasts longer. These
recommendations were very helpful. The painter pointed out two problems with the siding which I needed to address and wouldn't have otherwise
been aware of. He was very professional, detailed and experienced, so the job went very well. Will hire Lakewood House Painting Contractors

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