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Choosing Paint Colors - Lakewood House Painters 1/2/2016

Anyone who has ever had a hand in art-related work, color manipulation, and even rudimentary design is quite familiar with the term RGB, or literally, red,
green, and blue color model. The traditional purpose of this color model was primarily for sensing and representing display images projected by
electronic systems, like those seen on computer and television screens. It has also been used as standard in measuring the actual presence of a
particular color in the spectrum, especially when dealing in art and design.

This standard is quite well accepted and widely used, so much so that almost anything that has anything to do with color refers to the RGB color model.
This is one standard that will also do quite well for people trying to determine what house paint color would do well for their dwellings. Each specific color
will understandably have their particular compliment when it comes to the location of the house, for example:


Houses painted with shades of red, such as pink, coral, or even rose can have a playful and feminine touch to it, although deeper shades can have a
rather theatric effect to it. Shades of red are often combined with other colors, such as off-whites and white, shades of yellow, gray, and some green. Red
gives a house a bold presentation, often making it stand out against most surroundings. So if you want your house to stand out and really be noticed,
shades of red will do it for your house.


Shades of green have a tendency to give a house an earthy feel, and look attributing to the color green being associated with nature and the environment.
Houses that are situated near wooded areas or are surrounded with lush vegetation will look quite like it belongs right where it is. Houses to be painted
green often look best if also trimmed or highlighted with other shades of green. Houses painted green hints at a certain vibrancy and organic feel to it.


The color blue has often been associated with a lot of things, including peace, contemplation, coziness, the deep ocean, and the wide open sky. With
these in mind, houses colored with shades of blue often depict the same atmosphere, looking like peaceful and contemplative dwellings. Darker shades
of blue can give a house a surprising richness and depth. Unlike shades of green, however, different shades of blue will not readily go together, often
giving an awkward contrast to each other. Colors that readily go with shades of blue for houses include white, gray, and some shades of red.

Having seen that the RGB color model is also quite applicable when it comes to deciding a color scheme for your house, you may now find it a bit easier
to pick out a house paint color that will suite your dwelling, and give it that character you may have wanted it to have.

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